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Tipping Point 2.0

Everything in life has a tipping point, an action/reaction element that ultimately forces a change - sometimes it’s big, other times small.

Whether it’s global warming, the price of tomatoes, or the blockage of a rushing river, there will be a response when the tipping point is reached.

In our daily lives tipping points occur regularly. They are usually minor in nature, so we accommodate or change our behavior and move on. But what about when those bigger personal decisions need to be made? Like if someone you know has become frequently caustic or hurtful towards you or others? It happens.

When a bigger event occurs and a tipping point is reached, it's best to remember one word: Respond.

Responding is about a thoughtful action based on the need for change. The better you are at responding (versus reacting), the less stress or turmoil you experience, general speaking.

There is no doubt a thoughtful response will always be more effective than a knee-jerk reaction.

Don’t wait for a tipping point to occur for the important things in life. In many cases, you will see a tipping point coming.

One of your best prepared responses is to ensure you have set and can enforce strong personal boundaries.

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