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4 Compass Point Refresh



The ground has shifted for many of us.


What was a normal way of doing things is no longer effective.


We must work harder, be more patient, more flexible, and take better care of ourselves.


Below is a free PDF download of my Personal Refresh - 4 Compass Points to help you get refocused and refreshed.

->  4 Compass Points for a Personal Refresh






The world has changed much faster and more unpredictably than anyone could have imagined. 


Leaders are particularly affected because they want to meet the needs and expectations of their team and customers, as well as for themselves.


Simplicity can counter this unique type of pressure. 


Defining a clear path with navigation points is a good place to start.


I work with leaders on the following 4 Compass Points when a refresh is needed:


  • Clear Focus Points

         Establishing Clear Points of Focus (Including simple goals and higher standards for yourself and your    


  • Structure, Flexibility, and Simplicity

         Adding More Structure, Flexibility, and Simplicity into your life to encourage balance. (Work processes,  
         schedules, goals...)


  • Self-Care

         Increasing and/or Maintaining Consistent Self Care (Many of us tend to put this off when we’re overwhelmed 
         or feeling we are behind in other areas.)


  • Serve Others

         Being of Service to Others (Expanding your reach…at home, at work, in your community. Becoming more
         aware that you are a role model.)

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