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GetTING Results


I've worked with hundreds individual clients since 1999.  

A coaching relationship includes up to 3 hours of individual time per month. There can be additional interactions when needed. 


Relationships can be customized to fit the client's needs including:  additional time, on site visits, coaching multiple parties in a team or organization, 3-way conversations with bosses, associates, and supporters, trainings, 360 surveys, etc.

Coaching relationships last from a few months to many years.

success points of my CLIENTS include:

  • greatly improved heath and well-being w/o suffering

  • moved away from toxic or unhealthy relationships / environments

  • faced and overcome personal fears

  • found balance and fulfillment w/o a checklist

  • learned to be more self-promotive

  • developed a stronger sense of forgiveness for self & others

  • discovered value of finding games worth play & having fun

  • reduced worries / fears /stress

  • developed additional leaderships skills

  • learned the value and blessing of solid relationships

  • developed stronger listening &  communications skills

  • learned how to lead by embracing authenticity, simplicity and consistency

  • discovered / developed an appreciation for more joy in their life 

  • created a vision and mission statement worth living by

  • developing a finer appreciation for a sense of humor and laughing

  • increased and enhanced their self-confidence

  • moved away from toxic, unhealthy relationships or environments

  • invited more grace and lightness into their life

  • persisted (w/o suffering) instead of quitting

  • gained new ways of seeing themselves

  • reduced debt and/or increased income / profits

  • became engaged or married

  • changed jobs, companies or careers successfully

  • learned to see themselves in new ways

  • invited more grace and lightness into their life

  • persisted (w/o suffering) instead of quitting

  • reduced debt and/or increased income

  • successfully started businesses

  • written and/or published articles, books or blogs

  • improved their personal and business relationships

  • learned and applied the distinction of being independent and interdependent

  • learned from setbacks, missteps and failures

  • discovered how to constructively view challenges and create solutions

  • reorganize their team or organization



Individuals - $600 per month

(Contact me for Mentor Coaching pricing)



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