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This Year: Care more. Share more. Ship more.

3 things for the new year. More caring, sharing, and shipping.

I’ll explain.

Caring includes self-care, personal development and empathy for others. Care starts with you and expands to others. Caring is not always an automatic response; sometimes, it requires a conscious effort.

Sharing is an action that author, artist, and speaker Austin Kleon has promoted for years. Sharing means sharing your thoughts, ideas and projects with others rather than keeping yourself and others in the dark, or in a vacuum. 

Shipping. As bland as ship more may sound, it’s a huge step for most people. Ship is another way of saying get stuff done. If you create, provide a service, or sell a product, it means putting it out into the world. Per Seth Godin, “Do the work. Ship the work.”

Consider focusing on these 3 things this year rather than (or along with) a checklist of goals for the year.

Care more. Share more. Ship more.

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