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The Curse of Company Culture

Had a cool conversation the other day with colleague, Mathew Gahm of BBSI in Colorado Springs, about the big challenge most organizations are now facing. Based on his years of business support experience, the number one challenge Mathew sees organizations facing is the same one they faced before COVID ever showed up: Culture.

I concur. Culture can be a blessing or a curse.

An organization will respond more successfully when experiencing a massive product or service error, a big shift in client buying patterns, or a radical change in how they must do business, if the team’s culture is one of collaboration. This is especially true when things get tough.

It is essential that a solid culture of trust & respect, leadership, collaboration, work processes and communication be in place before unfortunate events occur.

Does your organization embrace these components? And how can you verify this?

The long answer to the first question is both sobering and inspiring: the leader always owns the culture of the organization. (If you’re a leader, please reread the previous sentence.)

Generally speaking, leaders must walk their talk and consistently support the above five attributes. Otherwise, the dominant culture is dependent on the prevailing winds (of opinions, operational problems, rumors or the loudest voice).

To establish and maintain a proactive culture, leaders need fast, reliable and actionable information so they can assess quickly and respond effectively.

Verification is the easy part. Check here for more information, but in the meantime, pay conscious attention to your organization’s culture. You may think it’s where it needs to be…but don’t discount the value a quick assessment tool can offer.

Below is a sample of our newest assessment on Culture. How would you respond to these statements? (Yes or No) Now how do you think your team would respond?

Trust & Respect

-Team members may not always agree with each other; but respect is always shown.

-The leaders of our organization are consistent in word and deed.

-The organization never causes employees to doubt its honesty and integrity.

-Managers do what they say they are going to do.

-The organization is both inclusive and diverse, team members feel comfortable being themselves at work.

If there’s a difference (a gap), you have an opportunity to bring your team closer together.

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