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Pivot Points

When we change direction in life, we pivot. Sometimes, more than once. Nowadays, it may even feel like we’re pivoting all of the time.

Life is a series of opportunities, roadblocks, challenges, and successes. It’s up to each of us to ensure we are paying attention, and we are responding quickly and correctly.

When we change direction in life, or while dancing, we pivot. We move with one foot planted firmly on the ground as we change direction. In life, a pivot may involve a rapid change of direction. Learning how to do that is easier than you think. It does requires some practice, and with experience you get better at it.

The following points will help you more effectively pivot. These are all choices, responses we can practice and make on a daily basis so we improve our ability to pivot. With practice we are also less likely to lose our balance (so to speak) or our way.

1 Respond naturally (not how you think you should respond)

2 Seek balance (not happiness) [happiness is a byproduct of balance]

3 Be purposeful (avoid chasing goals)

4 Be proactive (learn the benefit of responding versus reacting)

5 Seek engagement (versus being busy)

5.5 Give freely (stop keeping score) [learn to help, assist, advise, time, and even money]

6 Embrace acceptance (versus forcing patience)

7 Be forthright and truthful (the opposite of which is being fearful)

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