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Looking for Balance

For some people, balance can be a challenge.

It can be elusive and frustrating.

Personal balance doesn’t naturally occur in our lives, it requires a bit of effort, discipline, and planning.

What’s your plan?

Yes, a favorite jibe is: people making plans makes God laugh.

But that’s just a saying. You've got to start somewhere.

Begin your week (and day) with a plan or an intention, no matter how vague or loose.

Create balance on purpose.


I have a new coaching self-assessment to help you achieve better personal health, wellness, and balance.

The assessment is divided into two parts - for the private self and the public self.

It consists of 30 simple statements that address the foundational components of life. This isn't about grading yourself; it’s intended for reflection and discussion with your coach.

TAKE ACTION --> contact me below for a free copy

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