Is Balance a Bad Word?

For some people it's a challenge.

Balance to most of us can be elusive and frustrating. Personal balance doesn’t naturally occur in our daily lives, it requires structure, discipline, and a plan.

So, what’s your plan?

Yes, a favorite jibe is people making plans is what makes God laugh. But that’s just a saying.

Start your week (and day) off with a plan.

Create balance on purpose.


While I fully recognize there’s nothing new under the sun, I’ve created a coaching self-assessment to achieve more health, wellness, and balance.

The assessment is divided into two parts. One for the private self and the other for the public self.

It consists of 30 simple statements that address the foundational components of life. This isn't about grading yourself; it’s intended for reflection and discussion with your coach.

Let me know if you would like a free copy. (TAKE ACTION - contact me below)

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