Coaching for Leaders

(Leaders of teams, organizations or families)

Your success (and satisfaction) depends on whether you see the mountain top as lonely or as magisterial.


It’s all about perspective.


Coaching helps you:

- See the bigger picture without
  overlooking the people around you

- Develop yourself personally and        

- Improve your interpersonal skills

 -Reduce the noise and add more  
  peace in your life.

Team Assessments

for Leaders

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What Is Coaching

Coaching provides ongoing context and perspective to enable clients to create, engage and accomplish a fulfilling life and lifestyle.


We are all uniquely inspired blends of experience, backgrounds, fears and aspirations.


Coaches guide by actively listening and adjusting to the client’s expressed (and perceived) needs and speed of change. 


Coaches seek to evoke responses from clients that will move them forward.


I coach mostly by telephone and Zoom calls.

I Coach



  • facing a Big Challenge.

  • looking to make a Huge Leap in personal or professional development.

  • needing to make a BIG Life Decision.

  • who are locked in a "Grow or Die" Situation.

Life is about how you respond, not how you react.

Huge distinction!



I work with leaders....

those who lead families, teams and organizations.




I also work with:


  • people needing to pivot, people who want guidance on how and when, and (confirmation on) why.


  • individuals wanting more spirituality, personal growth, and a healthier outlook on life.


  • executives looking for context, purpose, and a safe place to explore options.


  • leaders seeking to renew, reinvigorate and re-inspire their team.


  • writers needing a thoughtful nudge to reignite their creative flame.

My clients have included executives, business owners, and coaches, as well as nonprofits, nonprofit boards, moms and dads.



Gaps Are Everywhere


In business, as in life, there are gaps. Spaces. Separation. Distance.


It could be a gap in information or support. Regardless. In most organizations, gaps among teams or team members don’t often help us but impede our progress.


A gap assessment is a tool I developed to help leaders quickly identify gaps or separation points on their team. These assessments are not surveys but a series of statements team members respond to in less than five minutes on any device. Anonymously.


Once the assessment is completed, leaders guide their team through the process of closing any big gaps without the need to form special committees or teams.

Team gap assessments, on demand

- Insightful - Intuitive - Anonymous -
- Delivered to any Device -