Book #3 in the Life series:
Mountain Life -
A Rocky Mountain Guide
to Elevated Living

Designed in and inspired by Colorado

Mountain Life is a light-hearted, offbeat, connect-the-dots kind of book that focuses on why the Rocky Mountains are such a great place to live, work, and play. And how the mountains can inspire us even if we're not even near them.

From the back cover:

"The Rocky Mountains have been a source of inspiration since mankind first gazed upon them. Mountain life, and life in general, can inspire us in ways many of us overlook.


"Mountain Life documents the author’s three-year journey of observations and experiences as he transitioned from seaside living to a mountain way of life. Mountain Life is about the land and the people of Colorado’s Front Range and the Denver metropolitan area.


"Whether it’s sampling Rocky Mountain oysters or hiking a fourteener, mountain life highlights what’s good about life, no matter where you live. Mountain life is about enjoying life, living with fewer hassles, and not taking yourself too seriously. 


“You’ll be reminded of important life lessons and learn new ones in Mountain Life, whether you live in the Colorado Rockies or at sea level.”

-MARK SANBORN - Author of The Fred Factor and The Potential Principle


“Every word written in "Mountain Life" brings a smile to my face and a deep sense of contemplative joy.  Jeff has captured the spirit of the Rocky Mountains and its people into written form to help others live full and rewarding lives regardless of where they live.”

-JOHN BRACKNEY - Colorado native; 

Director of Public Policy & Community Engagement, Webolutions, Inc.;
former CEO, South Metro Denver Chamber; past elected official and military officer



Every day we get to choose. 


Yes there are limitations but we decide what we will focus on, follow up on and accomplish.


We choose to write our own script and not watch or read about someone else’s.


Curate your incoming.” Seth Godin

April 2020




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Leaders don't whine 


Leaders don't blame


Leaders don't gossip


Leaders don't complain


Leaders don't micromanage


Leaders don't demean people


Leaders don't take all the credit


Leaders don't shift responsibility


Leaders don't engage in turf wars


Leaders don't set people up to fail


Leaders don't behave like know-it-alls


Leaders don't lash out in anger at anyone


Leaders don't bully or boss people around


Leaders don't rely on fear to get things done


Leaders don't pit one person against another 


Leaders don't play the passive-aggressive game


Leaders don't allow any form of harassment to exist


Leaders don't give others any reason to mistrust them


Leaders don't self-aggrandize; they credit the people around them


Leaders don't keep secrets and surprise people with unexpected change


NOTE: Everyone is a leader to someone.

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