Specialized Coaching
in the areas of Life, Leadership and Legacy

Leaders need clarity, not distractions. Despite the restrictive reality of our times, it seems impossible to block out the noise of the world. Clarity is more elusive than ever.


The importance of leadership, especially in these times, cannot be overestimated. And to be clear: we are all leaders…to someone.


I have been a leadership coach for over 25 years and I’m the author of 12 books on the subjects of Life, Leadership & Legacy.


To better support my clients, I created organizational gap assessment tools that show them exactly where their team members are not on the same page with one another. This is a one-of-a-kind tool that is anonymous, intuitive and can be delivered on any device.


Assessment Corps, LLC  was founded 2007 and now has a full library of gap assessment tools for coaches and their clients.


My client list includes executives, business owners, and coaches, as well as nonprofits, nonprofit boards, moms and dads.


My coaching focuses on the areas of life, leadership and legacy, and includes the foundational elements of balance, focus, and setting and enforcing strong personal boundaries.


Let’s get to work!


Gaps Are Everywhere


In business, as in life, there are gaps. Spaces. Separation. Distance.


It could be a gap in information or maybe support. Regardless. In most organizations, gaps among teams or team members often don’t help us but impede our progress.


A gaps assessment is a tool I developed to help leaders quickly see where those gaps are in a non-disruptive way. These assessment are not survey but simply a series of statements that the team can respond to in less than five minutes on any device, anonymously.


Once the assessment is completed, I guide the leadership team through the process of closing any big gaps without the need to form special committees or teams.

Team gap assessments, on demand

- Insightful - Intuitive - Anonymous -
 - Delivered to any Device -



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