Coaching for Leaders

(Leaders of teams, organizations, families,...)


Health - Wellness - Balance

3 simple words. 3 powerful intentions!

Take steps to master the vital elements

of your life.


HERE's a HWB self-assessment

Assessment tools that help you quickly spot where separation exists

on your team.

It's not just another survey...

Assessment Corps is HERE



Coaching is about gaining context and perspective so you can create and engage in a fulfilling life and lifestyle.

A coaching relationship does not require a long-term commitment. While I do have clients I have worked with for a number of years, this is the exception.

Getting into action and sustaining it are sometimes our two biggest challenges.


Coaching is also about being heard and then receiving feedback. Sometimes this feedback is in the form of questions, other times it may come as a request for action. 

We're all inspired blends of experience, backgrounds, fears and aspirations.


Coaches actively listen and adjust to the client’s expressed (and perceived) needs and their desire to change. 


Coaches evoke responses to move people forward.


I coach mostly by telephone and Zoom calls.

I Coach People:


  • who are facing a Big Challenge and need to get into action quickly.

  • who need perspective / assistance with connecting the dots.

  • who are looking to make a Huge Leap in personal or professional development.

  • who are needing to make a BIG Life Decision.

  • who are locked in a "back against the wall" Situation.

Life is about how you respond, not how you react.

Huge distinction!



I work with leaders....

those who lead families, teams or organizations.




I also work with:


  • people needing to pivot; people who want guidance on how and when, and (confirmation on) why.


  • individuals wanting more spirituality, personal growth, and a healthier outlook on life.


  • executives looking for context, purpose, and a safe place to explore options.


  • leaders seeking to renew, reinvigorate and re-inspire their team.


  • writers needing a thoughtful nudge to re-engage their creative spirit.

My clients have included executives, business owners, and coaches, as well as nonprofits, nonprofit boards, moms and dads.



Gaps Are Everywhere


In business, as in life, there are gaps. Spaces. Separation. Distance.


Even if it's a simple gap in information or understanding, progress is impeded when there is separation among teams or team members.


A gap assessment is a tool that helps leaders quickly identify gaps (or separation points) on their team.


These assessments are purposely simple. They are not surveys, they're a series of statements team members respond to in less than five minutes on any device. Anonymously.


Once the assessment is completed, leaders can guide their team through the process of closing any big gaps without the need to form special committees or teams.

Team gap assessments, on demand

- Insightful - Intuitive - Anonymous -
- Delivered to any Device -