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A Symphony Called Leadership

 Health - Wellness - Balance

A New Year Intention.

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Leaders are constantly seeking to improve their effectiveness levels and those of their team. Effectiveness is always a moving target.


Three areas of guidance and focus that will help you stay on track include:

Caring more.  Sharing more.  Shipping more.


1. Caring. As the leader, you go first. You model the behavior you wish to see on your team. Take pride and care in what you do. Build trust.


2. Sharing. Again, you go first. Share your ideas, thoughts, even concerns…respectfully. Encourage your team to do the same.


3. Shipping. This may be the toughest. As much as you’d like to have things perfect, you may not have the luxury of time. Embrace a ship-it-now mentality to seek new opportunities, create a sense of urgency, and get your product or service out there sooner. 

I work with executives, business owners, and coaches,

as well as nonprofits, nonprofit boards, moms and dads.


Gaps Are Everywhere


In business, as in life, there are gaps. Spaces. Separation. Distance.


Even a simple gap in understanding can impede progress if there is separation among teams, team members, or even family members.


We created gap assessment tools to help leaders quickly identify gaps (or separation points) that may exist on their team.


Our assessments are purposely simple. They are not surveys, they're a series of statements the team responds to in less than five minutes on any device. Anonymously.


Once completed, leaders can guide their team through the process of closing any big gaps without the need to conduct meetings or form special committees.

Team gap assessments, on demand

- Insightful - Intuitive - Anonymous -
- Delivered to any Device -

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