You Don't Have to Find Yourself

June 19, 2019


Life isn’t about finding yourself, or finding anything – Life is about creating yourself, and creating things.” - Bob Dylan


Creating allows for many variables - such as creating new opportunities, friendships, legacies, or environments.


Sometimes, we can get caught in an endless loop of seeking to find ourselves, as if this will solve our problems or make us happier.


One thing I’ve learned over the years is: it doesn’t matter how long or how earnestly you search to find yourself (or your purpose), because you will always discover something new about yourself.


The art of self-discovery is a never-ending road, and it won’t give you the answers you are looking for, creating something new or making something that currently exists better, will.


What you will find when you’ve created something, is a brief sense accomplishment, but then you’ll move on…to your next creation, your next discovery.


Artists do it all the time…Picasso, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan and others. They all created, evolved, and moved on.


Business people do it too…Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Seth Godin. They created and evolved as well.


You can do it too. In the way you live your life, in the things you do, through the people you associate with, and by the actions you take to make things better than you found them.


So, continue to look deep within and discover new aspects and dimensions about yourself.


Self-reflection is always a good thing…but continue to create while you do so.You just may find the act of creating is more powerful and meaningful than finding yourself. 



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