January 11, 2018



Great leaders have an incredible sense of direction. That is, they always know where they and their team are going.


Nothing confuses and disappoints people more than having a leader who one day says, “We’re going here.” And the next day says, “No, we’re going there.” And yet another day with, “Let’s reconsider our options.


Actually what I’m talking about is making decisions, and sticking to them. 


Yes, we all make bad decisions occasionally, and the best solution is to admit it and rectify things. But a leader can’t do this every few days. At some point you must own the decision you’ve made and stop playing it safe.


When you behave this way, you’re not a leader but an explorer, a person who wanders the countryside searching for the right path. Not an effective or inspiring trait as a leader.


Know where you’re going. Make a decision and stick to it. Own it.


If you recognize your decision to be a really bad one, change it, and own it again.


But if you later change your decision once more, the conversation must shift from your actions to your capability as a decision-maker.


Know where you want to go before making decisions.

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