January 13, 2014

What major ingredient is absent in most managers today?


Alacrity…the willingness, the responsiveness, and the eagerness to decide, act, or respond quickly. 

Though it’s a somewhat obscure word, it is a behavior that should be second nature to all managers. 

there are, indeed, other management factors that are just as important, but alacrity has an urgency that is oh so needed these crazy socio-economic times.

Alacrity has such energy, immediacy, and charisma that one possessing this trait has a distinctively positive influence on people and events versus managers who don’t.

Now here’s the thing: you can’t train for alacrity. It’s strictly self-generated. You either got it or you don’t. 

The great news, too, is that alacrity is a choice. Like curiosity and caring, alacrity can become a fine-tuned characteristic that any manager can choose to consciously develop.


The next time you find yourself drifting or without motivation, pull out the definition of alacrity. Read it, embrace it, feel it, and then get moving!
1. brisk and cheerful readiness.




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