Relating in Business



Many of today's challenges in business (and in life) are created by people who have simply not learned the art of relating.


Relating, as with leadership, is a learned skill. And usually our belief system is structured to support the image we have of ourselves.
In general, people who struggle relating to others in the simplest of exchanges – asking for help, requesting information, or providing guidance, etc. – may tend to experience even bigger challenges when confronted with major life or business decisions.
There is not as much material on the subject of relating to others in a business setting as there is, say, in the area of leadership. Yet a large percentage of the “people” issues that companies face today stem from the poor relating capabilities of their managers.
What can you do?


What should you do?
The short answer is: work on the basics, and practice.
Charm school, as they call it, is designed to rewire the manager and help him or her to start looking at things from a different perspective, but not every company can afford such a luxury.


There are things you can do to improve your relating ability. The first big step is paying attention to how people respond to you.


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