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Do You Have the Right Map?

Ever end your week looking at your calendar and plans and feel you haven’t made much progress?

Has this been happening more frequently?

There will be times when we’re short on energy reserves. Our physical and emotional energies are low, and all we can do is push through the week. Progress eludes us.

Reflection certainly will help. Taking consistent action will help even more. But that still won’t get you where you want to be.

Using the “life is a journey” metaphor, "What if you were about to hike a mountain trail?" Not the cleats and carabiner type of ascent but the basic “follow a long, winding, steep trail to the top” kind.

The trail, obviously, will not be a straight line path to the top. It has switchbacks. You zig and zag your way to the top. This is an overused analogy but it’s spot on.

To gauge your hike’s progress you check your map. You’ll question: Am I still on the right trail? Am I going fast enough? Are there hazards up ahead?

At one of the stops, you may even question if the destination you’ve chosen is still the one you want. Especially if the journey’s been difficult.

The point is, you can’t answer any of of those questions unless you’ve got the right map. Decisions consistently need perspective, orientation and a clear overview of your destination.

Map your life, or at least this stage of it. Check your location, your energy reserves and supplies. Keep your map handy. And at various points of your journey, make sure the destination you’ve set out for is still where you want to go.

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